Posted By: Jason Foltz – Avvo

Great employment Attorney

Adam has been such a great help to our company. We are a growing company and had some bad experiences due to shortfalls in contracts, non competes, and other forms.
He has educated us on the do’s and don’ts regarding employment practices, Which we know will save us from possible issues in the future as well.
He is realistic and tells it like it is, so that is what we liked the best.
We appreciate everything and will continue to work with him as long as we have the need.


Posted By: John – Avvo

Trusted and Valued

I repeatedly consult Adam with labor questions. Whether I simply use him as a sounding board, to check my own knowledge or something much more involved, Adam is responsive, knowledgeable and friendly. He speaks from a position of knowledge and partnership, not judgment. He doesn’t rush into recommendations and presents himself as an invested business advisor.


Posted By: Blake – Avvo

Outstanding Attorney

Absolutely the best. I wouldn’t look any further when it comes to HR legal questions or concerns. Adam is truly an outstanding attorney!


Posted By: Tony C – Avvo

Very thorough and professional

Adam so far has handled all of our issues without fail and with solid judgement. We would refer him in any matter related to labor issues.


Posted By: Cortney – Avvo

Great employment attorney

Adam is a very intelligent, hard working attorney. He is also very responsive and a great communicator. We have been very pleased with his representation and the great results we have received from him. I would highly recommend Adam.


Posted By: Sylvia Alvarez – LinkedIn

Adam’s level of service is invaluable

As a CFO of a large recruiting firm with 500+ interim resource associates we found Adam’s level of service invaluable. We were referred to Adam several years ago and working with him was the best decision we could have made for our HR labor law needs. He is professional, very well-informed and proactively keeps us informed (but not overly so). One of the key aspects of his personality is that he is never an alarmist. It is already stressful enough to have any kind of employee conflict or concern without having an attorney is who is always telling you the sky will fall if you don’t do xyz. Adam is not like that at all.

During the pandemic all HR departments were up in arms with new rules and new guidelines almost daily. Adam calmly advised us all the way through that and we were extremely blessed by his partnership with our HR team. We have also relied on him for contractual issues, terminations, pay questions, etc. His balanced approach to all recommendations and strategies is one of the many reasons we trust him and we HIGHLY recommend his services. He is also just a pleasure to deal with as a person and that is also a huge plus.


Posted By: Tayler Kirsch

Go-to guy!

Adam is hard working, and extremely knowledgeable. His calm and patient demeanor reassure you that you’re in good hands in any type of situation. Adam is our go-to attorney for all of our employment related matters, and beyond! Can’t recommend him enough.


Posted By: Yolanda Menegazzo – LinkedIn

Adam is professional

It has been my pleasure to work with Adam on employment issues. As a Human Resources Consultant, having his input and guidance for all major employee relations matters has been invaluable and he has significantly reduced risk involved in these sensitive cases. Adam is professional, knowledgeable, and extremely thorough in his work. I highly recommend Adam for any organization that is looking for a specialist in employment law. He will not disappoint!


Posted By: Brad Bromley


Adam Kemper is a top notch professional in all aspects of employment law. He is a total pleasure to work with.


Posted By: David Lovelace

Executive Vice President

Adam’s expertise in both labor law and general business, along with his work ethic, thirst for knowledge, and passion for delivering for his clients are at levels that are unmatched in my 20 + years working with attorneys in his space. Furthermore, he’s very easy to work with – and adept at taking the most complex issues and articulating them in real-world, relatable ways. I look at Adam as a trusted advisor for my business and have leaned on him to guide us through many difficult employment issues throughout the years. I have seen firsthand what the difference an attorney of Adam’s caliber and character can have on a business – and I will forever be grateful for how he has navigated our organization during a time where anything less than exceptional representation could have been detrimental to the future of our company. It’s these reasons and more that I offer my highest possible endorsement for Adam Kemper.


Posted By: Stacia P.

Excellent service

Adam has been of great assistance for multiple dilemmas. If he was not able to guide me, he provided me with the appropriate party that could. His response time was quick which can be critical when dealing with legal matters.


Posted By: Mike Vassar

Very helpful

Adam was very helpful in my matter. He was quick to pick up the phone and respond to emails and explained my situation so that I fully understood my options and the best way to resolution.


Posted By: Paula Humber-P&L Corporate Solutions

Highly Professional and Reliable Employment Attorney

Adam demonstrates exceptional expertise in handling employment-related legal matters. He knows what it takes to keep your organization compliant and has always provided strategic advice tailored to clients’ needs. Overall, he’s a highly professional and reliable choice for your workplace legal matters.


Posted By: Doug Avdellas

The only HR and Labor attorney we refer to our valued clients

Adam Kemper and the entire team at The Workplace Law Firm have our complete trust on all of our HR and labor questions, and as the only labor and HR attorney we refer our HR customer to, we have complete confidence. We receive accurate, competent and straight forward advice so we can focus on moving forward.