Commercial Litigation and other Corporate Law Matters

We fully recognize that business owners may need more than workplace legal guidance and that they may need assistance with business transactions, commercial legal disputes or international law. We have outstanding referral sources and strategic partnerships with select attorneys who also strive to provide the same level of quality service, including the attorneys who work with The Legal Team ( who may be able to assist you with these matters.

We work closely with The Legal Term to Co-Counsel certain matters that require additional expertise outside of workplace law.  If you would like an introduction to an attorney at The Legal Team or to an attorney who specializes in a different area of the law, don’t hesitate to contact me.

*The Legal Team, PLLC is a separate firm from The Workplace Law Firm, PLLC and as such, The Legal Team, PLLC and its attorneys are likewise not employed by The Workplace Law Firm, PLLC.